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The Cannibal Catboy Elsen

Ugh I caught a cold

ugh dumb butt pains in my lower abdomen

Anonymous asked: Dude I'm so happy you're OK. There are people out there who are worried about you. Even though I'm just a random follower, I'm so so glad you're OK and stuff and sheesh dunno what to say, enjoy your day and Imma nap now

This was from the other day when I tried to run away. I apologize if this wasn’t the right time, but I felt I needed something positive on my blog after all that.

That was serious, by the way. If you catch me doing something inappropriate, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. There is a 99.999999999999% chance it was not intended to harm and I want to become a better person as best I can.

PLEASE don’t think calling me out will hurt my feelings. Yeah I’ll feel a bit disgusting for a bit, but mostly at myself. And I’ll get over it. I just want to be able to fix it, instead of getting into a situation where people are “warning” others about me when I don’t even know what’s going on.

I’m not saying I’m blissfully unaware of the difference between right and wrong, nor will I use this as a get-out-of-jail-free card to be as rude as I want. I just want everyone to know that I do make mistakes and I want to try to the best of my ability to fix them and prevent them from happening again.

Anonymous asked: If you don't want to deal with those overly mean anons who have nothing better to do than bother you I can link you to something that can block their ip address, thus their attempts at multiple accounts and anons so they never bother your again

None of my recent anons are being “overly mean”, they’re people with genuine points and I wish to address them to fix whatever’s going on.

I refuse to turn into one of those bloggers. If I’m doing something wrong, I want to know so I won’t do it again.

Anonymous asked: People would like you more if you didn't constantly harass them/post in the tags about whatever. It creeps peeps out when someone makes things that public constantly and makes them uneasy about disclosing things to you.

The only times I posted personal stuff in a tag was when I was addressing the community in question, and the second time to thank them for their responses. I understand now that this was not appropriate and will not do it again.

To everyone: If I have ever harassed you or made you uncomfortable, or said something relating to you that I shouldn’t have, please let me know (off anon) so I may make things right. I guarantee it wasn’t on purpose to harm you.