I have a choir performance tomorrow night

Literally no one I know has gone to any of the performances this year and my friend said they’re boring anyway so it’s slightly discouraging„

whatever happened to eagle boans

Ballad of a Computer
heard: 68 / Terravae

psssst. pssssssssssssssssssssssst.

guess whats done.


im so happy.

lyrics can be found here

How come Zacharie and the Batter (as well as Zack in 365's non-canon route) couldn't be revived by jokers? I know it's stereotypical RPG stuff, with the popular "Why didn't they use a Phoenix Down?" question, but then what did Zacharie do to revive Pablo at the start?
asked by: Anonymous

Jokers are merchandise. Ignoring rpg rules, they’re going to run out eventually.

What happened when Ghost Batter flipped the switch back ON at the end of UNKNOWN? Was the world saved and the Zones restored to normal?
asked by: Anonymous

Allegedly. This is being expanded upon in fg5.

What was with the power inconsistency in UNKNOWN? Seneca proclaimed himself to be a god, but was killed by his own energy chamber, and Pablo and Batter, who were already shown to be powerful, couldn't simply bust Zacharie out of the Zapper by force.
asked by: Anonymous

Seneca is incredibly strong, but not a literal god. He’s just super cocky.

After two solid days of almost nothing but note placing, the midi demo of Ballad of a Computer is complete.

Tomorrow I will write lyrics, then it will be ready to have the real instruments added!!! I’m SO CLOSE to having this song able to be released!!!

actually, I don't know a whole lot about your injured!au-- aside from ricky being in a wheelchair and jimmy being blind-- so, uh, could you tell me a bit more about it?
asked by: Anonymous

Basically, the BattleTram has crashed, and everyone sustained an injury. Lots of details aren’t set in stone and change depending on the scenario being explored.

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hhey your commission post says fic commissions too, what are the prices on those? also is there any pairing/scenario/content you'd refuse (is sadfic our only choice)?
asked by: Anonymous

fic commission prices are negotiable. it would depend on how long you want the fic to be and the subject matter. short drabbles i’d write for about 5 USD and the price would go up from there. (on the higher end of the scale, a fic the length of RDHS would be upwards of 50 USD.)

sadfic is not the only choice, although it is the genre i have the most experience in. i will write sadfic, generic, shipfic (though i might not be as good at that), smutfic, gratuitous violence. i’ll attempt pretty much any kind of fic. my one guideline (although i have the right to refuse any prompt if it bothers me) is i will not be writing nsfw fics for characters that are either underage or are of legal age yet appear to be a child. there are plenty of characters that are 19 or something but look like 10 and idk it just doesnt feel right to me

as for fandoms, i’d prefer it to be something i know well. (aquabats is a good choice.) fanfiction requires a good, detailed knowledge of the characters and setting involved, and with work, school, and projects in the way, i simply dont have the time to do the extensive research needed to write a fic for a show/movie/book/game i’ve never heard of. sorry in advance if that was your intention.

you can look at my ao3 account page to see examples of some kinds of fics ive done, and make your decision based on the relative qualities of each one, if you like. the fics on my page are all aquabats related, but you can get the idea.

Injured AU: Did you ever decide Crash's fate, or is that still being worked out?
asked by: katrisedavis87

so far he seems to be either alive or dead depending on what the scenario we’re writing calls for. Schrodinger’s Crash