Today I drew castor and also a sad Jim. I’ll post it when I get home

Came up with a name for that villain. His name is Castor

i posted like a ton of fics to my ao3 account so yall can check those out if you want

also i guess im a fic author now so if you want requests just hit up my askbox, i’ve been meaning to write more for a while now

if bamby uses my weird photoshops in his game i’m going to scream in an ambiguous fashion

whoa. that got a little weird back there

I’m noT PUblisjing that but anons right

Heck why do i even keep myself around if all I can do at any given moment is fuck stuff up and cry

Why are you reblogging my personal posts

I feel like

This is how it’s supposed to be


I committed some heinous crime in a past life

And my punishment is that my soul can never be happy

Is that it

Am I reading the situation correctly