What is Orinoco and should it be flowing like this do I need to see a doctor about this oh god

yeah if i werent the jerk here maybe i could

i never thought you were mad at me im upset bc i made u upset

That's not what I said or what I meant and I'm sorry I didn't have the words at the time and I should've tried to find them and I'm sorry if you get this ask a number of times idk what's going on but really I'm very sorry

im the one who made you look like a total jerk in front of all my followers without even putting it under a readmore or anything

ah yes the elusive claude , less commonly referred to as the garbage pile

akiaurumabyssian reblogged your post finish the drawing i posted earlier an… and added:

no offense but this isnt the first time i’ve seen you say something likes that so i have to ask why are you dating

..because i love her?

feelin not so rad


1st picture - December 2013

2nd picture - August 2014